Wavclouds was started by a music producer going by the name Prod Indigo. The reason I started it was because I was taking music very serious and was annoyed that most websites compress and mutate the audio file which results in bad audio quality and defects. I wanted to create a website that preserves the original audio files from the artist so listeners can enjoy in full ultra quality, and also help artists monetize there skills and open a store for there services and licensing.

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Advanced Security

At wavclouds security is a priority. We have security measures to protect our customers date and respect their privacy. Chat messages our encrypted before they are saved in the database so even if there was a data breach nothing would be able to be recovered. Audio files our kept private until purchased.

Powerful Configuration

We allow you to set purchase options on the files you upload you can set these to different types like lease and exclusive. This will give the user access to different ways they can use the audio with different features.

New Features

We our working on new features constantly and getting feedback from our beta users and the producer community to build the best features we need.

Raw Audio

We promise to never compress our users audio files in any way and will serve the raw audio from the file provided this means you can tune it to any frequency and get a perfect mix and have confidence your listeners will hear the same.